We Love Art. More Art in Schools !

We Love Art. More Art in Schools !

There has been a general lack of emphaisis on the importance of Art in our education, though this is slowly changing. Arts subjects had often been considered the easy, fun, supplementary subjects. They are the subjects that can receive the least funding, and are usually the first subjects to be cut. Here at Inside Art Space, we strongly believe in Art and see it as important - if not more important as academic subjects, and an essential part of a holistic and complete education. Art is valuable to the curriculum, as a stand alone subject also with its cross-curriculum possibilites, and also valuable to the development of the self.

Growth Mindset

“Art does not solve problems but makes us aware of their existence”. M. Abramovic.

Art is vital to a student's development; through art, they develop skills and a growth mindset to do well academically and succeed in life. Art-making provides challenges for learners at all levels, and boosts critical thinking. It also teaches students to take time and be more thorough in observing the world around them.


“Art encourages children to think, develop confidence as they go”. MA Kohl

Through art, students gain confidence as they try to accomplish things that do not come easily. It instils pride - they immediately feel an enormous sense of accomplishment as they finish their artwork. When a child feels confident in the class, their self-esteem increases. 

Improved Cognitive

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else”. Sydney Gurewitz Clemens 

Making art helps learners to develop creative problem-solving skills and difficult concepts can easy to understand when it is thought through art. Art instruction plays a big role in student’s development of language skills, social skills, motor skills, inventiveness, decision-making and risk-taking. 

Develop Communication

“Communication is very important, and the arts do that”. Anne Archer

Our world is built on visual and verbal communication. Art itself is a unique form of communication, it goes beyond verbal language to communicate feelings, through a mode of expression, just like music.

People connect more deeply to the world through the arts’ stimulation and intrinsic pleasure. A strong art education connects students with their own culture and helps close the gap between children.

Self-expression and Creativity

A crucial part of one’s identity development is self-expression. Children, being naturally creative, express themselves through creating artwork; it allows them to manifest their emotions and feelings. Art is also a way to develop creativity because, in art, free-thinking is required. Art helps students to explore their strengths and interests, that may lead them to think about what they want, and who they are.

Engaging in art has always played a significant role in our human experiences. Art may not prepare our kids for tests, but its experiences give them opportunities to develop and to dig deeper within themselves.

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