Rainbow Watercolour Fish

8 Ways to Draw Fish with watercolour fish

We created rainbow fish in watercolour, inspired by the book 8 Ways to Draw Fish. This beautiful activity book introduces children to traditional Indian art traditions.

We were inspired by the use of line and pattern in the drawing style and decided to draw use these designs to create our own fish.

You will need:

Cartridge paper
HB pencil
Watercolours - we used the Micador Stylist Watercolour Set
Pot of water
Cloth or paper towel
Book - 8 Ways to Draw Fish


Approx 1 hour

fish drawing

1. We designed our fish in HB pencil - we decided to create the fish using sections and drew different patterns in each section.

fish drawing

fish with watercolour

3. We then used the watercolour to add colour to each section. For large areas, we added water to create a 'wash' effect, and for detailed areas, we added a lot of pigment to the tip of the brush and gently brushed with the tip on the paper. We used the brush that came with the watercolour set, but you can use any synthetic fine brush. Remember to wash the brush between colour changes.

4. Add some extra sea creatures and seaweed in the scene.

watercolor fish

5. To make some sparkly fish scales, add some glue to some of the scales, then sprinkle on the bio-glitter. Shake the paper slightly to ensure the glue is covered, then tip any excess back in the container.

fish draw

6. All materials and books are available on our website. Have fun and share your artwork with us!

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