Mother's Day Patchwork Heart

Mother's Day Patchwork Heart

As Mother's Day is coming up we thought we'd share a simple art activity that you can do to gift to your mum, grandmother, sister, aunt or any other special person in your life. 

For this activity, we will draw the perfect heart with a patterned patchwork design. For pattern inspiration, you can look at Memphis and zentangle patterns, artwork by pattern artists such as Romero Britto, or even patchwork quilts!

You will need:

Cartridge or watercolour paper
Pencil, ruler and eraser
Something round to trace a circle (we used a small candle)
Markers or coloured pencils
Coloured card


drawing a heart

1. On your paper, use a pencil to lightly trace a circle using your object. 

drawing a heart

2. Move the round object directly next to the other circle so they are next to each other and trace again.

drawing a heart

3. Where the 2 circles meet in the middle - line up a ruler down the centre. Place a mark approximately 10 cm down the ruler. This will be the bottom point of the heart. Once you have that point, join that point to each outer side the circles. Draw a line from the centre point to the outer edge of the circle on both sides to make the heart.

geometric heart drawing

4. Erase the excess circle lines in the middle of the heart. Then using your ruler, draw random lines crossing through the heart. Inside these lines you will paint and draw your patterns.

watercolour geometric heart

5. Using a square watercolour brush, paint in different colours in each space. You can repeat the colours for consistency.

geometric watercolour heart

patterning watercolour heart

6. Using your coloured pencils or markers, create a different pattern in each segment of the heart. You can use contrasting colours or match them up - up to you! This is where you can apply that pattern research!

mothers day patterned heart card

7. Once your work is finished, cut our your heart and glue it on the front of your card. Or if you prefer, you can create a background for it instead, pop it into a frame and now you have a lovely gift.

Did you follow this activity? If so we'd love to see your creation! Please share with us @insideartspace

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