Art Activity: Our Take On the Toilet Roll

Art Activity: Our Take On the Toilet Roll


You will need:

Toilet rolls
Pom-poms/ cotton wool
Paint (white, orange, pink etc)
Palette, towel & water cup
Paint pens - posca uniball  or markers (optional)


20 mins plus drying time
Age 4-7 years old


Hello everyone! This is an activity that I am sure you may have tried, but a good one to use as a quick time filler to keep little ones busy. For Easter this year we made a hipster bunny family using paint and toilet rolls. We also made a fox, and now Oona can't stop role-playing with them in her dollhouse!

toilet roll

1. Grab a few toilet rolls and fold down both sides (front & back) of the top edge.
Now you have some little ears.

toilet roll painted

2. Paint a design of your animal. Start off with the base coat - for our bunnies we used Atelier Titanium White acrylic, but you can use any acrylic paint.

painted toilet roll

For our fox we used Atelier Vermillion but any acrylic colour you choose would be fine!

bunny toilet rolls

3. Add details with paint pens or markers. Cut our arms, feet or accessories and glue them on. Use pom-poms or cotton balls for the tails and noses!

Have you made any toilet roll characters? Share pictures with us @insideartspace !

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