Art Activity: Family Portrait

Young girl drawing a picture

You will need:
1 piece of drawing paper each
markers and coloured pencil (varying shades in one colour per person)
HB pencil

1 hour

All ages!

For this weeks art activity, I decided to get the whole family involved and have everyone in the family draw a self-portrait. Each family member chooses their favourite colour - 1 colour only, but they can choose the same colour in different shades and mediums, ie, pink crayon, pink marker, pink pencil. They are then to draw themselves using that one colour. 


Oona's favourite colour is pink so she drew a self-portrait using those colours. Encourage your little one/s to sketch themselves first in pencil and look at their features using the mirror.

Next up was Dad, who chose the colour green.

Nice work Dad! Now, mum's turn... Mum chose blue. Make sure that you all use different shades of the same colour to define the details. It adds texture, depth and creates a more finished look. Draw details in the background using the chosen colour - some rain, sunshine, or perhaps some fancy wallpaper!

When everyone has finished their portraits put them all side by side. How did they turn out? Do their drawings look like themselves, or someone else? How effective is it using only one colour? 

Now you have a family portrait! Frame or hang the works altogether.

Tip: The younger the children are, the harder it is for them to stick to using just the one colour! Let them add in a few small details in one or two extra colours of their choice :).

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