Art Activity: DIY Fashion Shoot: Off The Top Of Your Head

Art Activity: DIY Fashion Shoot: Off The Top Of Your Head

You Will Need:

Computer or magazines for research
Found objects
Adhesives - hot glue gun & glue, pins, string or double-sided tape
A camera
A model - any family member or friend will do!


1 h - 1 h 30 mins


All ages

The DIY Fashion Shoot Book is a must-have book for the fashion-loving tween or teen in your life. Packed full of imaginative photoshoot ideas that are easily replicated at home in a fun and engaging how-to style. It goes through the essential parts of the design and styling process, starting off with how to create a mood board, right through to art direction and styling techniques.
One of the activities we thought we'd try out for ourselves - Off the Top Of Your Head where you think outside the box and literally "make a piece of headwear like no other".

Off the top of your head DIY Fashion

1. First, we started off with research - a mood board is an essential part of any design process. We came up with some initial ideas, such as fairytales, Snow White, witches, food, celebrities, and Carmen Miranda and her glorious fruit hats. We decided on a colour palette and this would help set the look and feel of the shoot.

Mood board for fashion shoot


2. We then sourced some objects around the house and garage that we could use for our headpiece. We found a heap of things but decided on using a witches hat and some plastic fruit. We then gathered the tools we'd need - hot glue gun and double-sided tape.

3. We then started to attach the fruit to the hat, trying it on as we went along to make sure it stayed on the head correctly and was balanced.

4. Shoot time! I have a photographic studio set up but you don't need one at all. As long as you have a space with good natural light, any photos taken can be adjusted post-shoot to make them pop.

studio shot

5. Well, what do you think?! If you did this activity, we'd love to see your headwear! Tag us @insideartspace.

crazy fruit hat photoshoot crazy fruit hat 2 

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