Free Spirited Island Life | Book Review: Izzy and Frank

Free Spirited Island Life | Book Review: Izzy and Frank

October 12 2020
A story about change and contrast between the free-spirited life on the island with Frank and the life in the city with new and diverse friends, Katrina Lehman’s Izzy and Frank is a perfect pitched story for kids leaving behind their familiar places and moving to new ones.
Art Activity: Mystery Flowers

Art Activity: Mystery Flowers

September 27 2020
As part of our Winter Art & Storytime program, we looked at the book Mystery Of The Golden Wonderflower. This book was written and illustrated by French artist Benjamin Flouw and published by Gestalten.
We Love Art. More Art in Schools !

We Love Art. More Art in Schools !

September 21 2020
Here at Inside Art Space, we strongly believe in Art and see it as important - if not more important as academic subjects, and an essential part of a holistic and complete education.
Draw & Win! Enter Our Competition

Draw & Win! Enter Our Competition

July 26 2020

Calling All Budding Artists between the ages of 6 and 12! 
Win a prize pack valued at over $100. This pack includes a copy of the beautiful book Beyond The Horizon, by Carolina Celas. An Inside Art Space Rising Star Art Kit, including a step-by-step painting lesson, plus a few bonus extras!

Art Activity: DIY Fashion Shoot: Off The Top Of Your Head

Art Activity: DIY Fashion Shoot: Off The Top Of Your Head

July 11 2020
The DIY Fashion Shoot Book is a must-have book for the fashion-loving tween or teen in your life. Packed full of imaginative photoshoot ideas that are easily replicated at home in a fun and engaging how-to style.
The Swimmers: Paper cut-outs with Matisse book

Art Activity: The Swimmers: Paper Cut-Outs With Matisse

June 5 2020
The Swimmers: Paper Cut-outs with Matisse by Ms Bianchi is a gorgeous book that introduces kids to the amazing Henri Matisse and his artwork.
Art Activity: What Do You Think You See?

Art Activity: What Do You Think You See?

June 3 2020
For this activity, let's get back to basics and focus on drawing still life. What's still life, you say? A still life is a work of art depicting typically common objects - natural or manmade, in an artificial setting. This activity is an exercise in still life - and by the end of it, you will have drawn three different still life drawings.
Books recommendations for active kids

Awesome Books for Active Kids

June 2 2020
One thing I have found challenging was trying to alleviate my child's boredom - it can be a piece of cake for kids these days to be distracted by screens. For some children sitting down quietly with a book can be like pulling teeth.
Here are some book suggestions to keep active kids both enthralled and engaged! 
Book Review: A Life Made By Hand: The Story of Ruth Asawa

Book Review: A Life Made By Hand: The Story of Ruth Asawa

May 20 2020
Literature about female visual artists can be hard to come by, so when I see a book about a female visual artist - let alone a female sculptor, it has my full attention.
Say Hello To Mrs Q.

Say Hello To Mrs Q.

May 19 2020
Get to know our Teacher and Founder Mrs Q. who is an artist in her own right. This is the first interview in a series of documented discussions with creative mums and dads.
Child messy painting on paper

All About Paper

May 15 2020
If you want your art or your child's artwork to endure the times and still look fabulous in a few months time, then it does matter what type of surface is used. 
Mother's Day Patchwork Heart

Mother's Day Patchwork Heart

May 8 2020
As Mother's Day is coming up we thought we'd share a simple art activity that you can do to gift to your mum, grandmother, sister, aunt or any other special person in your life. 
8 Ways to Draw Fish with watercolour fish

Rainbow Watercolour Fish

April 28 2020
We created rainbow fish in watercolour, inspired by the book 8 Ways to Draw Fish. This beautiful activity book introduces children to traditional Indian art traditions.
Inside Art Space Art Kit

Our Art Kits and Latest Offers

April 26 2020
Introducing our Art Kits! Rainbow Daze Colour Kit for rainbow loving kids, Dreamy Drawing for dreamy teens and grownups and the Rising Star Art Kit for budding painters. 
Art Activity: Our Take On the Toilet Roll

Art Activity: Our Take On the Toilet Roll

April 21 2020
Hello everyone! This is an activity that I am sure you may have tried, but a good one to use as a quick time filler to keep little ones busy. For Easter this year we made a hipster bunny family using paint and toilet rolls.
Young girl drawing a picture

Art Activity: Family Portrait

April 3 2020
You will need:1 piece of drawing paper eachmarkers and coloured pencil (varying shades in one col...
Drawing and collage pieces

Art Activity: Objects with Attitude

March 24 2020
You will need: Different household objects Scissors Cartridge paper or light card Pencil Markers ...
Update Regarding Classes and COVID-19

Update Regarding Classes and COVID-19

March 19 2020
Art increases wellbeing - don’t forget about it!Not only is art essential to our community wellbe...